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Digital Don Drapers

We are designed to help organizations succeed in today’s ever changing digital landscape, but that doesn’t mean that we have forgotten about traditional advertising. In fact we work with organizations to make sure their digital and traditional tactics work in harmony.

Strategy is everything

You can't do everything at once. Instead, the key is to focus your efforts on the channels and tactics that will actually benefit your organization. It all comes back to strategy, and an agency that will take an approach that is specifically tailored to your unique needs.

Traditional advertising is important

Modern audiences demand marketing that is as sophisticated as they are. Every aspect of your marketing and advertising has to work in harmony, creating holistic campaigns that are geared towards realizing your goals.

The Major Difference


Major Tom has been designed to help organizations connect the right audiences, with the right information, at the right time. As an advertising agency, our industry-leading experts in New York, Toronto, and Vancouver offer strategic insight to make sure that your traditional advertising is delivering on your organization’s objectives.

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We are sticklers for strategy

We are sticklers for strategy

How do we know where to go if we don’t know where to begin? We take the time to understand your customers’ journey. Our comprehensive discovery process enables us to identify exactly what will work for your business and how to put it into action.

Your ROI is our #1 priority

Your ROI is our #1 priority

ROI is much more than a buzzword. Your return on investment is our number-one priority - we get the results you deserve by recommending channels that allow us to track the results of every campaign, enabling you to evaluate the impact that we will have on your business. Whether its offline or online, we will recommend the channel that converts best.

We are holistic

We are holistic

As a modern advertising agency, we know how to connect all of the dots of your digital marketing; combining creative expertise with strategy and analytics to make your online operations effective. With our nuanced understanding of every aspect of marketing and advertising, we can deploy the best tactics on the best channels to engage with your audience.

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