Compare your brand’s performance

The marketing benchmark tool is here to provide you with your industry's 2023 marketing benchmarks and where you stand amongst your competitors.


Compare your work with the best from your industry

Even with top-tier data collection, your marketing metrics are useless without benchmarks. They help to contextualize your wins and challenges — and show you how your business stacks up to the competition.

But when other companies keep their KPIs behind closed doors, it’s hard to know where you should set the bar for success.

Pulling from multiple reputable sources, the marketing benchmark tool will give you the context you need.

Get industry-specific data

Strong ROAS looks a little different for every industry and comparing results to the wrong sector will skew your reporting.

Skip the slog of manual research

Comparing your KPIs against industry benchmarks took up valuable time and effort. Now, let the tool do the heavy lifting and get your analysis in minutes.

Free, up-to-date data

Updated with the latest data from annual benchmark reports every year so it's data you can trust.

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Robust benchmark data will boost your ROI

Benchmark data will help you find gaps in your approach, identify winning campaigns, and help you forecast and budget with confidence. 

After all, internal comparisons will only take your reporting so far. While it's important to know how your campaign performance changes over time, you need proper context to build your strategy —  and find your next big boost to ROI.

What to expect when using the marketing benchmark tool

You will get the latest marketing benchmarks for over a dozen industries. These benchmarks include common KPIs like CPC, CTR and engagement rate.

Your results will be tailored to your industry and platform of choice and will be emailed to you to reference whenever you need them. 


Common questions about the marketing benchmark tool

Yes! We'll use whatever data you have to compare your business to industry competitors, but can also provide general benchmarks for KPIs you don't have.

We've got your back. You can specify the platforms on which your campaign is running, and we'll tailor the results accordingly.

That's okay! Simply select your industry, then select the no data option. You will then be shown all your industry's marketing benchmarks. A PDF version will also be sent to your inbox for you to reference when you are able to collect and compare your data.

Every year, Major Tom updates the tool with the latest annual benchmark reports from reputable sources.

Let's get started

Complete industry benchmarks are just a few clicks away! Grab your campaign data (or get started without) and we'll help you compare your results to a full set of relevant marketing metrics. All with time to spare before your next reporting meeting.